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The North Carolina Associate Degree Nursing Council (NCADN Council) is the advocate for associate degree nursing education and practice and promotes collaboration in charting the future of health education and delivery.


NCADN Council strives to:

  • Maintain eligibility for registered nurse licensure for graduates of associate degree nursing programs.
  • Promote associate degree nursing education programs statewide.
  • Facilitate recruitment, development, and retention of qualified associate degree nursing faculty.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues impacting associate degree nursing education and practice.
  • Develop partnerships and increase communication with other professional organizations.
  • Collaborate with organizations to meet healthcare needs of the community.
  • Increase public understanding of the role of the associate degree nurse.
  • Participate at state and national levels in the formation of healthcare policy.
  • Facilitate legislative action supportive of the goals of NCADN.